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Some Cold, Hard Facts From A Lawyer Who Has Been On The Other Side

When under police questioning or arrest, simply asking for legal counsel isn't enough. You must demand a lawyer — out loud and in full voice. Give the police only what the law requires: your full name, your date of birth and official identification such as a driver's license. Then remain silent until you are advised by your attorney.

For most people, facing criminal charges is the most challenging time of their lives and something they never expected. The truth is, most people don't handle the situation very well on their own. Police know people are frightened during questioning or at a traffic stop. They count on it, in fact.

If facing a serious legal problem in the Lansing metro area, or anywhere in Lower Peninsula Michigan, call attorney Steven Howard, Esq. Before beginning his career as a criminal defense attorney, Steven served the United States as a Federal Border Patrol Agent and police officer with the Department of Defense. He knows the tactics police use to get people to make mistakes that can lead to an unjust conviction or an unnecessarily harsh sentence.

You Are Facing Your Toughest Challenge — Your Lawyer Better Be Up To It

Steven has successfully represented individuals, students, contractors and corporations. He is relentless in his belief that attorneys should work hard for every client and he takes that responsibility very, very seriously. He personally ensures all aspects of case preparation are done correctly the first time. Throughout your case, he will keep you fully informed and will make sure you understand the process steps that you will be going through.

"I am proud to be respected and recognized as a very ethical attorney who will fight for my clients. I will never make empty promises about the outcome of your case, but I will promise you this: Throughout your case, I will work hard to ensure your confidence that you have hired the most effective lawyer to protect your rights." Attorney Steven Howard

Ready to aggressively protect your rights in all criminal law matters, including citations, misdemeanors and felony charges related to:

  • Guns and weapons charges, permit violations and reinstatement
  • DUI and traffic tickets, felony fleeing and alluding, DL suspensions and reinstatement
  • Drug charges, possession, trafficking
  • Theft and property crimes
  • Violent offenses, homicide, assault and domestic violence
  • Fraud and white collar offenses, state and federal
  • Immigration violations and international law
  • Criminal charges of any kind!

A Special Focus On Defending Cases Involving Gun Rights And Weapons Charges

Steven currently teaches the legal aspects of the carrying a concealed weapon (CCW) class for those seeking to obtain CCW permits. He is also a third-generation gunsmith, a weapons expert and an expert witness in criminal cases involving guns and weapons charges.

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