Steven Howard has served the United States of America, both as a Federal Agent with the United States Border Patrol, and as a Federal Police Officer with the Department of Defense.

Steven Howard is highly respected by others in the legal community and is known as a very ethical attorney who will fight for his clients.  Mr. Howard is not just respected in the legal community, he is also highly respected in the education community for obtaining the coveted "Certificate of Merit."   Mr. Howard currently teaches the legal aspects of the CCW (Carrying a Concealed Weapon) class, for those that wish to obtain CCW permits. He is also a gunsmith, a weapons expert and an expert witness.

Steven Howard has successfully represented: Contractors, Students, Individuals and Corporations.  Attorneys are and should be responsible for the work done at the firm they work for, and Mr. Howard takes this responsibility very, very seriously.  He oversees each and every aspect of cases and personally ensures all aspects are done correctly, and correctly the first time.

The primary trait setting Mr. Howard apart from other attorneys is his unrelenting commitment to keep his clients informed.  If you want an attorney that will return your calls, keep you informed, and simply do what all attorneys should do, then you want Mr. Howard as your attorney.  Contact him today at 517-374-9000, or email

Steven Howard takes great pride in helping students and the elderly by offering them discounts.

Steven Howard