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At the law office of Steven Howard, Attorney at Law, in Lansing, Michigan, people call every day who are shocked to find themselves facing a legal situation they never dreamed could happen to them. After all, it's always the "other guy" who gets arrested, isn't it?

The truth is, anyone can find themselves falsely accused, or in the wrong place at the wrong time, or perhaps making a mistake that is completely out of character. In many cases, police ask questions and get answers that lead to an unjust arrest, which leads to a prosecutor getting a conviction that can completely ruin a person's future and possibly cost them their freedom.

From fighting traffic tickets, to gun crimes and other serious felony offenses, attorney Steven Howard is ready to protect your rights and your future. Call 517-374-9000 right away.

Courageous, Creative, Confident Criminal Defense Attorney

As a former federal Border Patrol Agent and police officer with the Department of Defense, Steven knows what happens when good people find themselves in a frightening situation with the police. Today, he uses his former law enforcement experience to aggressively protect the rights of people under investigation or facing criminal charges. By knowing the strategies the police used to get you arrested in the first place, he can often find courageous, creative and effective strategies to help you avoid a conviction or the harsh penalties that may result.

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Before you say another word that the police may (and probably will) use against you, call the law office of Steven Howard, Attorney at Law. Then remain silent until Steven has a chance to advise you. He offers a free initial consultation and can be available evening and weekend hours, if your situation requires.

The firm can be reached anytime at 517-374-9000 or by using the email contact form. Se Habla Español.